NEVICE is an African fashion brand from Tanzanian designer Naima Nevice Maneno. Born and raised in Tanzania, today, NEVICE is located in Hannover, Germany.
As a young girl, Naima knew where her passion belonged. Besides her admiration to the work of other designers, she also realised that her fashion inspiration came from her local surroundings. The lifestyle of a semi arid region and the shores of the Indian Ocean with cheerful, warm and colourful atmosphere have influenced NEVICE as a brand.

Naima’s fashion sense was first put to test during her undergraduate studies at the University when she had to dress her friend for a beauty competition. Armed only with a creative mind and minimal resources, she managed to create various designs using recycled materials for the occasion. In no time, a campus trendsetter was brought to life. Her room became the holding house for all students seeking to impress on dates. A fashion icon was evolving.

As an upcoming designer, she was nominated to participate in The Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College (SOMAFCO) Trust, a South African Youth Development Organisation which brings together young and exceptional entrepreneurs in a bid to identify and inspire, nurture and help showcase, network and promote talents, avail and create markets for talents. In Johannesburg, NEVICE also had the privilege to be on a prime time interview with SABC, a leading broadcaster in South Africa to share more on her brand as part of the SOMAFCO tour.

From November 2015 to November 2016, NEVICE was featured on the Africa’s Top Models Exhibition at the Museum of Ethnology in Hamburg, Germany. This project was meant to unveil the African beauty through its fashion and how it is perceived in the global world. NEVICE was proud to impact the cultural integration through her beautiful garments, which where chosen to represent East African modern fashion.

In August 2017, NEVICE showcased at the Africa Fashion Week London (AFWL), which was held at the Freemasons' Hall in London City. AFWL is Europe's largest fashion event promoting and nurturing African-inspired designers. This platform has showcased over 800 emerging designers & exhibitors, from Africa, Europe and America, to almost 70,000 visitors.

As a designer, Naima believes there is no specific map or formula in the world of fashion. Where you put your feet at the moment can be your own fashion world. Thus, fashion can be created from our daily life style, circumstances and environment. That is what makes it unique and dynamic. NEVICE as a fashion brand is aiming at serving not only a particular class but the society in large, despite their sexuality, age, social and economic disparities. Growing up with a dream is pretty common in most African young generations but achieving the dream is tough and challenging due to economical and technological barriers in most African countries. NEVICE does not only want to be an inspiration but act as a tool of change and assistance. “Fashion for a change” is the message Naima would like to carry along, as she believes fashion can positively impact the society through employment, socialisation and creating harmony among individuals.